Looking to Buy a House ?

Here are my Top Four Tips for Buyers 

- Figure out your priorities : It’s important to know what is most important to you and your family when it comes to purchasing a house. To some buyers it is the budget, while to others it is the location. If you are looking to be in a good school district, then do not look at homes where the schools are not rated highly, and if you are looking to have an easy commute to work, don’t look at houses which will add extra driving time. It is important to be focussed in your approach, as it will save you valuable time and a whole lot of effort. 

- Talk to a Lender : Even if you are hesitant about getting preapproved, it is always good to start a dialogue with a lender, even if it is the bank where you have your account to see what the whole shebang is all about. This is especially important for first time home buyers, who are going to experience the home buying process for the first time. It is advisable to discuss your finances with your lender to see how much house you can easily buy within your budget. 

- Understand the market: I feel that there is a house out there for everyone, we just have to go find it. And when we do, I prepare my buyers to make a “qualified” offer. It is important for buyers to understand the market before making an offer. In a downward trend market, it may not be a bad idea to come in lower than the list price and leave room for negotiations. However, in a hot market not only is the price important but so are the terms of the offer. Therefore a buyer who understands the market has a higher probability of getting the home of their dreams, than someone who just wants to “test” their offer and the market. 

- Stay on Top of Everything : After you have found your house, make sure that you follow the timelines given in the contract. Every aspect of the contract stipulates that “time is of the essence”, so if you have to drop off an earnest money check within 48 hrs, or have to get your papers to a lender within the next three days, make sure that you do not delay. This will ensure that you minimize delays and are able to close on time. 

July 19, 2017

Things to Do in the Area

Ya Mon Jamaican Cuisine :5530 Windward Parkway  https://www.yamonga.com/

Yan’s Cafe : Chinese Cuisine: 12890 Highway 9, Alpharetta GA http://www.yanscafealpharetta.com/

PokeCity : Hawaiian, Sushi, Fusion Cuisine:  11720 Medlock Bridge Rd, Suite 110, John’s Creek : https://www.gopokecity.com/

July 17, 2017

What are Closing Costs?

Closing costs are the costs associated with buying a property. In case the property is being financed it would include lender fees, attorney fees, property taxes paid upfront, homeowner’s insurance, title insurance, underwriting fees, title search and recording fees. In case of an all-cash transaction, all the fees except for the lender associated fees are included. 

Typically in Fulton and Forsyth counties, the closings costs range from 2.5%-3% of the purchase price, for a lender financed transaction. An all-cash transaction would be about $1200 plus any taxes and homeowners insurance fees.  

Sometimes sellers may offer to pay all the closing costs or split the closing costs with the buyers whereas some lenders may offer lender credits which would help the buyer reduce their settlement fees on the closing day. 

Meesha’s Tip: Talk to the lender about the closing costs before making an offer so that the amount, or a portion of it, can be factored in.   

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July 17, 2017

Relocating to Alpharetta?

Did you know that Alpharetta  : 

- Is Affordable : The dollar goes a LOT further here - whether it is buying a house or groceries at the local farmer’s market, you will see that this area is easy on your pocket. 

- Is Diverse : With its rich history and a hub for corporates and businesses the demographics is a fluid mix of people from all over the world.  

- Has Great Schools : From Lake Windward Elementary to Alpharetta High School, the schools in this area pride themselves for their high academic excellence and involved PTO’s. 

- Is Fun : Alpharetta is home to Avalon, mixed-use development that is slowly becoming Alpharetta’s crown jewel. Avalon boasts some of the top rated restaurants and shopping in the area including Antico Pizza, Rumi’s Kitchen, a Tesla dealership, Brooks Brothers, Anthropologie as well as a 12-screen Regal cinema.   

- Is a Huge Business Hub: Many companies such as AT&T, ADP, Cox Communication, Verizon, Fiserv, IBM and MetLife call Alpharetta home. These corporates have boosted the economy of Alpharetta & surrounding towns. Alpharetta is also a huge technology center with many IT SMBs setting up shop here to take advantage of the huge local talent pool and low cost of setting up business. 

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Jan. 31, 2017

Real Estate Tips for Buyers and Sellers

Buying and Selling a house can be challenging. And with so much information out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed. We have compiled a list of Shannon's video's which address specific parts of the buying/ selling process. 

Why choose us? With so many agents out there, how do you decide who to work with? 

Under Contract? Congratulations! What Happens Now?. In the excitement of packing, maybe finding a new house, and moving, make sure you take care of these 10 things before Closing Day. 

Have questions? Call me at (401) 369 1110 and I will be happy to help answer them.  



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